W.K. Krill & Associates, Inc. is a Women Business Enterprise (WBE) Michigan
Corporation.   We are Consultants to the Construction Industry and have worked on some of the most
Complex Projects in the Region.  The two projects featured below are recent examples of Scheduling
and Construction Management Services we have provided.  The Construction of both Projects was
complete ahead of schedule.  For more information about the projects, click on the link below the
W.K. Krill & Associates, Inc.
Construction Services (WBE)
"Formed on a Strong Foundation of Experience and Knowledge"
Celebrating 12 years of Supporting the
Construction Industry's Most Complex Projects!
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We have worked on projects in excess
of $500 million in a variety of areas
including, but not limited to
schools/universities, hospitals/medical
buildings, prisons/correctional
facilities, automotive/assembly plants,
high rise hotels, energy/power projects,
mass transit projects, Government
projects, complex office spaces and
large public projects.